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How something looks, sounds, smells, feels and tastes...

Miss. G Gorgeous Gin has evolved from my love of gin as it has always been my go to spirit influenced by my interests in design, fashion, beauty and food & drink. I set out to create a Gorgeous gin, packaged in an equally Gorgeous bottle, you will want to enjoy and share with your friends no matter what the occasion


We have chosen our favourite botanicals to help create a fresh and vibrant flavour, acceptable to a wide variety of palates. It can be enjoyed with your favourite mixers until your heart is content. Miss. G Gorgeous Gin is distilled in Scotland in small batches to ensure optimum quality and a wonderfully smooth taste, it is simply

Gorgeous Scottish gin.

Remembering Stewart, who helped me start the project but left us before we managed to complete the finished product.

This is for our two daughters.

Thanks to Steven, Amy, Stuart and David for helping me

complete my dream for all of you to love.

With love

Miss. G

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